Useless Info

Here I’ll be providing you with some useless info about VoF and around..
If you find anything useful, do mention in the comments section.

  • There’s  a trek route to HANUMAN CHATTI from valley of flowers. Don’t know if VOF officials allow you to travel.
  • Hanuman Chatti is on your route to Badrinath
  • There’s a nice cheap place to stay in Rishikesh – Gangaashram in Swargashram. 700 for a AC room. click here for location
  • The cafe Coffee Day (CCD) in Rishikesh is near Ram-Jhula near ChotiWala restaurant. ANother one is at Laxmn Jhula opposite taxi stand. Both CCD on the other side of Ganga River.
  • River rafting at Rishikesh is closed  during monsoon.
  • Try the Freedom Cafe at Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh
  • Rishikesh is a dry city.
  • Last place to get liquor before Rishikesh is RAIWALA. The liquor shop is located opposite the railway station.
  • There are few good places to eat at MIDAY between Rishikesh and Haridwar.
  • Route diverts from Chamoli, take the right uphill road.
  • You wont get Non veg food in Govindghat or Ghangria
  • You have liquor shop in Joshimath
  • Remember that you can be fined if you are in possession of non-veg food or liquor in Ghangria as its a Holy place
  • Front seat passengers are advised not to use cellphone at night as the light disturbs the driver and can be fatal
  • If you are driving, always keep left. Even on turns. I saw that most cars from Punjab used to cross the mid line at turns.
  • If the road goes down, its your duty to give preference to the uphill traffic. You should stop if you spot a car coming up hill and the space is less. Uphill traffic does not break its motion, its the driving rule of the hills.
  • Do not use high beams at night.
  • Most roads in Pauri Gharwal region gets closed after 8PM
  • In Govindghat, you have  a lot of parking space.
  • The Govindghat-Ghangria route is full of horse’s shit.
  • The route is sometimes attacked by bears. Thats what few shopkeepers told me.
  • There are few toilets on the Govindghat-Ghangria route.
  • On your way from Ghangria to Govindghat, you need to pay fee at the pony stand. You may have a deal with the pony wala but this fee receipt of Rs.50 is a separate thing.
  • Do not write anything on the stones enroute.
  • Do not pluck flowers.
For any more stupid info, contact me !! 

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  1. Hello,
    A very useful info on the contrary to you pun! Thanks for sharing.
    We four people are travelling to VoF this year. Our tickets are confirmed in Mid-August but I was informed by a locale friend there, that showers are high and better if we postpone our tour to mid-September. Hence, here I need your guidence on a budget travel- like we don't want a shared taxi as it is very tiresome, then which private vehicle should we hire and how much does it cost? (Rishikesh-Govindghat and back + drivers charges if he stays for 5 days). And where should we leave back our luggage before starting a trek to Ghnagharia? And budget hotel contact details there, I am not sure if GMVN provides accommodation in Ghanghria.

    Thanks a lot in advance,

    1. Pooja,
      Good that you postponed.
      You will get taxis at Rishikesh Bus Stand and at Ram Jhula Parking.
      You alternatively have the option of paying for all seats of the shared vehicle at every leg.
      If you do not hire a pony to Ghangaria, do deposit your luggage at Govindghat.
      At Ghangaria stay at GMVN. I regret not having stayed there.

  2. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. This enchanting little place lays on the route from Haridwar to the sacred Hindu shrine Badrinath. The place also serves as a decent trekking path down to the Valley of Flowers National Park. Joshimath also boasts of the an 8th century monastery established by the great Adi Shankaracharya, the Uttarāmnāya matha. Check out all best hotels in Joshimath also.

  3. Very valuable information. We are travelling between end June and beginning of July. Is that a good time to go? How safe is it for two ladies to explore this place on their own?

    1. Dates ok but do update on the whether status then..
      Safety is not a concern after Rishikesh. Go ahead.
      Josimath onwards the area turns religious pilgrimage area, so its even safer.
      All the best.